Wimauma Future Homemakers of America
First Annual Calendar - 1957

Contributed by Frank Crenshaw, Jr.

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Cover Girl
Miss Miriam Tatom
Miss Clarissa Parker

Skating in with the brand new year
Is certainly a lot of fun
And Clarissa's friendly smile
is sure to make it a happy one.
Miss Kai Stone

February is just great
With Kai and Freddy Morrill
Their Smiles so gay
For a great Valentines' Day.
Miss Carolyn Capps

March winds are here again
That's what this month brings
But out of the breeze comes a lovely girl
For Carolyn puts your heart in a whirl.
Miss Annette Simmons

The April day we find no rain
To everyone's delight
And with Annette's smile
She is sure to start the Spring off right.
Miss Mertice Connell

Pretty as the flowers
that May will bring
Mertice's smile
Adds to everything.
Miss Margie Thomas

Love is in the air
As the month of June comes our way
Margie hitched her wagon to a star
And is the bride in F. H. A.
Miss Ann Holland

This stick of dynamite
Will make a mighty light
As Ann starts the month of
July off right.
Miss Judy Perry

This humid August weather
Just has to come you see
But Judy has solved this problem
She went to have some tea.
Miss Margret Merrell

September brings us back to school
Bermuda shorts we feature
Margaret is all set to go
With a big surprise for the teacher.
Miss Pat Sumner

Hallowe'en time now is here
But this little girl has no fear
Although she rides in witches' carts
"Pat" is still our Queen of Hearts.
Miss Betty Jo Council

Thanksgiving time brings Chefs
But have you heard the latest
There won't be much food left
For Betty Jo is the greatest.
Miss Shirley Stewart

December is that special month
That fills most hearts with glee
And now Shirley has to flee
To decorate the tree.



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