The A. P. Dickman House

The A. P. Dickman House
120 Dickman Drive S. W.
Ruskin, Fl 33570

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by Dr. Mac Miller

Landmarked by Hillsborough County, the A. P. Dickman House is the finest eclectic dwelling in the county.

Asymmetrical massing, a varied roof silhouette, and a corner tower recall the late nineteenth century picturesque tradition of the Queen Ann; the Tuscan columned double tiered gallery with its graceful turned balustrade is Colonial Revival in derivation.

Built entirely out of heart pine, the house was the first finished wood structure in South Hillsborough County.

The interior features a massive dogleg staircase, hardwood floors, high ceilings, and original wall-coloring.   Every room is furnished with period antiques and oriental rugs; rocking chairs grace the verandas.

Both verandas look over a view of the Ruskin Inlet, which winds past the natural waterfront. The second-story veranda is screened and offers a double hammock.

The three-acre property affords quiet walks, tropical glades, and small flowering gardens.

The Harrisburg Suite consists of a bedroom, a sitting room, and a bathroom.

The bedroom is furnished with a spooled wood double bed, a dressing table, and a massive dresser. The room opens directly onto the first floor veranda.

The sitting room, set off in its original deep green, contains a small antique library, a checkerboard table, and a daybed covered in quilts and pillows. This room offers direct access to the carport and to the remainder of the house.

The Bird Room, named for its bird-and-dog patterned wallpaper, is a large bedroom, library, and a bathroom suite; it is surrounded by the second story veranda and is approached by the staircase. The bedroom is furnished with a double brass bed, a dressing table, a large and handsome desk and dresser, and a corner bookcase.

The library of sitting room contains period upholstered chairs and three bookcases, one of which holds the 1926 edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica behind glass.

The large bathroom consists of a ball-footed tub, a pedestal sink, and a period commode. Hardwood paneling, double-hung windows, and stained glass make this a bathroom to live in.

The Lilac Room shares the Bird Room bath. The room, which has direct access to the bath, is furnished with an antique double bed, a dresser, and a desk. An oriental rug in deep shades of red and indigo complements the lilac walls and dark brown wood

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