Henry, Fred, Robert Selner

By Linda Harris
Henry Richard Selner (my grandfather) 2nd man from right is Charles Dishong, 3rd man is Frederick Bushrod Selner, 4th man is Robert Muggy Selner (he was the local constable in Ruskin) the 3 sons of Henry and Harriet.   In the picture they are working on the railroad in Ruskin and it was probably taken around 1919 or 1920ish.

Henry was shipwrecked in the Abaco Islands in 1860, July.  He ended up in Key West, went to Cedar Key and was the assistant lighthouse keeper, then the keeper, and then assistant again.  He married Harriet Turner while there.  They were married in 1867.  Her step father, Uriah John Collar was the keeper...they had lived in Key West although Mr. Collar was born in Ft. Brooke (now Tampa).  His father was the first Anglo Saxon settler in the Tampa area, but that is another story.  Harriet's father was Frederick Bushrod Turner who was reportedly related to Pocahontas.  Apparently he was also a character.  And again another story.  Henry and Harriet are in the 1870 census in Key West with one child, Emeline, 2 years old.  In the 1880 census they are in Gulf City. They remained in Gulf City until their death.




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