Science & History Lesson Plans


The following lesson plans were developed by Mark Dunn of the Cypress Creek Elementary School in conjunction with the Ruskin History Project and the Friends of the SouthShore Regional Library.

Each PDF document provides a complete lesson plan and backup materials to enable a teacher interested in the subject, the resources necessary to bring a piece of local history and science into the classroom.

Grade Locale Date/Era Title
4 Ruskin/Apollo Beach/ Sun City Center Early 1900's

Creating Utopia??  The Founding of Ruskin

4 Ruskin 8,000 BC to present Ruskin Archaeology
4 Ruskin Early 1900's Ruskin Veterans of WW I
4 Ruskin. Apollo Beach 1950's I am a Historian
4 South Hillsborough County 12,000 BC World Travelers
4 Wimauma & South Hillsborough County Early 1900's The Traveling Country Doctor
4 Balm/Picnic 19th & early 20th century Home Remedies
4 Balm 19th & early 20th century Creating a Balm Timeline
4 Ruskin 20th & 21st centuries Creating a Ruskin Timeline
4 Sun City Center 20th & 21st centuries Creating a Sun City Center Timeline
4 Ruskin 1950's Innovative Ruskinites - Paul Dickman

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