World War I Comes to Ruskin


The World War I service cards provide name; age; serial number; race; place of birth; and residence; for service men and women who were either from Florida or who entered service in Florida. A search of the World War I Service Cards for Ruskin at the Florida State Archives came up with 12 names. Click on the name to view the Service Card.

Branch Rank Service Number Race Last Name, First Name Middle Name Residence City, State/Country
Army Private 5583999 W Billings, Grant L Ruskin, Florida
Army Sergeant 1878800 W Cralle, John Hutchinson Ruskin, Florida
Navy Fireman 3rd Class 13018945 W Dell, George Elden Ruskin, Florida
Army Private 4136821 W Dickman, Paul B Ruskin, Florida
Army Private 241634 W Glegg, George D Ruskin, Florida
USCG Ordinary Seaman -none- W Linder, James Frederick Ruskin, Florida
Army Private 4139905 W Manring, Ira H Ruskin, Florida
Army Private 1st Class 1351927 W McCain, Hurshel A Ruskin, Florida
Army Private 2910086 C McClary, Robert Ruskin, Florida
Army 1st Sergeant 783280 W Miller, Olton D Ruskin, Florida
Army Corporal 1884141 W Monroe, Henry R Ruskin, Florida
Army Private 1st Class 1351227 W Saffold, Wilburn H Ruskin, Florida



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