Bahia Queen

by Willard Dickman Miller

Bahia QueenFrom Bahia Beach the bay steamers could be seen plying between Tampa and Bradenton, between 1900 and 1918. To "old Timers" the names of the H. B. Plant, Favorite, Manatee, and Pokanoket still bring back nostalgic memories of sun drenched days and moonlight nights spent on these woodburning steamers. From Tampa to Bradenton was a full days' trip with tops at St. Petersburg, Anna Maria, Palmetto, and Bradenton. Bradenton was the layover point from which the return trip was made the following day.

The Bahia Queen, cruise boat for Bahia Beach, was purchased to commemorate this early leisurely method of travel. Built in Jeffersonville, Indiana, she made her way down the Ohio and Mississippi and across the Gulf just for Bahia Beach fun.



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