Giant Beaver Skull Fossil

Giant Beaver Skull Fossil from Leisey Shell Putby Ron Shrader

One and a half to two million years ago, the Ruskin area was inhabited by a creature now known as the Smaller Giant Beaver. This beaver was ten times the size of our modern beavers.

This skull was found a number of years ago in the Leisey Shell Pits which is now known as Paleo Preserve.  Mr. C. E. Leisey who owned the shell pit, devoted much time and energy helping paleontologists recover fossils there When this beaver skull was found it was determined that it was an animal not yet named. To honor Leisey, the beaver was given the scientific name Castorides Leisi.

This skull and many other fossils and Ruskin's ancient history can be viewed at the Paleontological Educational Preserve (Paleo Preserve) at Camp Bayou Nature Preserve in Ruskin, Florida. The web site for the Paleo Preserve is http://www.paleopreserve.org/ Camp Bayou is: http://campbayou.org/



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