Dr. John Henry Harris

by Aleta Jonie Maschek

Dr. John Henry HarrisKnown to everyone as Doc Harris, he first came to Wimauma in 1914. He borrowed two dollars for his train fare from Manatee County. He collected his first fee, as a doctor after finding a man at the station who needed medical treatment. He collected 75 cents.

Doc Harris started making house calls by walking or borrowing someone's horse. He soon procured a horse and saddle of his own. His first car was a Model T Ford which cost him $20.00

Doc Harris had graduated from Southern College of Medicine and Surgery in Atlanta, Georgia which today is known as Emory University. He graduated in 1914, the same year he arrived in Wimauma. His yearly fee at Emory was $5.00 tuition.

He became known for a doctor who never sent a bill, never kept a patient record and a doctor who would do house calls.

Dr. John Henry Harris was laid to rest at Wimauma's Fellowship Cemetery July 2, 1973.

YouTube Videos:
"Doc Harris" by Jonie Maschek
"Dr. John Henry Harris "by his daughter, Johnnie June Carter




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