M.C. Topps Store

by René S. Reno

Does anyone else remember the old Clarks Department Store on the corner of US 41 and College Avenue which later became a grocery? It had an old-fashioned store front with an inset door and was of white wood construction. This was in the early 60s.

Soon after that the Clark family built M.C. Topps in the plaza where the post office is located. Next to that was the Thriftway grocery store. Both of those buildings are gone. However, Clarks furniture still stands!

My first job as a teenager was in the M.C. Topps store about 1966. I stocked shelves, swept the floors and helped customers. It was a summer job for a high school student and of minimum wage. The manager, Mr. Stewart, would sit in his office above the open floor and watch everything. I always felt nervous about that.



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