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Relating to the Community of Ruskin, Florida

  • A Brief History of Ruskin, Florida
    12 page brochure by the Ruskin Community Development Foundation, Inc. and Hillsborough County Office of Neighborhood Relations
  • Socialism in the Sunshine: The Roots of Ruskin, Florida
    16 page white paper with photos by Lori Robinson and Bill De Young
  • Education And The Labor Movement
    Article by Dr. George A. McA. Miller, Ruskin College
    American Federalist Magazine January 1902 Vol. IX #1
    by Charles H. Kerr
    Article from The International Socialist Review
    Vol. IV July 1903 - June 1904

  • A Piece of History - Book No. One
    by Aleta Jonie Maschek
    Part I - Ball family, College Founders, Rose and A.P. Dickman, Paul Dickman, Lyle Dickman, Harriet Orcutt, Early Writings, Shell Point, Simmons Family, Ramona Hand, Charlie Jahns, Cast Nets, Castillos, Elizabeth Willis Glisson, Phoebe Leonard, Jo Angst.
    Part II - Buzbee Family, Doc Harris, Edder, Carltons, GradySweat, Ollie Sweat.
    Part III - Villemaire

  • Voice in the Wind - The Story of Florida
    Script for an outdoor musical drama by Kermit Hunter last performed in Ruskin in 1956 in cooperation with the Florida Outdoor Drama Association.

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Selected Public Domain Works by John Ruskin
Full electronic text versions & PDF copies of books and lectures

Selected Public Domain Works About John Ruskin

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Books with accounts of Ruskin and Spanish Eploration
(Village of Uzita, Juan Oritz, De Soto etc.)

The De Soto Chronicles:
The Expedition of Hernando De Soto
to North America 1539-1543
Lawrence A. Clayton, Vernon James Knight, Jr., Edward C. Moore - 1994
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Books on Ruskin and the Ruskin area you can buy here:

Seven Lamps
of Architecture

A Socialist

John Ruskin's
Urban Vision

The Genius of
John Ruskin

Florida's Indians from Ancient Times to the Present

Archaeology of Pre-Columbian Florida

Florida Indians and the Invasion from Europe

Hernando De Soto and the Indians of Florida

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