Francis Royal

Francis RoyalAugust 7, 2008

My name is Frances Royal.
I am 95 years old!

I am a descendant of Leonard Wheeler. My grandfather with his family of wife Ida, two sons Leonard & Herbert - three daughters Helen (my mother) Edith & Ruth made the trip from Wisconsin to Ruskin (in 1910 or 11) in a Stanley Steamer - eight people including Harriet E. Orcutt (the girls' music teacher). In later years Miss Orcutt taught music & operated the Ruskin Library. My grandparents also at a time operated the Ruskin phone central exchange.

In our earlier years, Woodrow & myself went to school in the little red schoolhouse with the big bell in the belfry with a rope to pull to ring the bell, for calling everyone into classes etc. My grandfather installed the first electricity in Ruskin using a Delco generator. My grandparents also managed the "Cottage Inn" (opposite the Dickman house). The girls worked the dining room. My father boarded at the Cottage Inn while working on the Dickman house.

"I remember it well"

Pauline, Paul Dickman's sister taught a Sunday school class at a little church that I attended at the age of 10 or so, along with the lesson, she taught us girls grace, manners, etc. I loved her.




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