The "first 16 feet" of the Ruskin History Center


Ruskin History CenterLocated in the lobby of the Fifth/Third Bank in Ruskin, Florida at 1020 US Hwy 41 N, these two display cases represent the first 16 square feet of the future Ruskin History Center. We are working on obtaining a more permanent display, perhaps in a dedicated building.

The display is arranged as a timeline for Ruskin's history:
At the far left are early ice age artifacts found in Ruskin by Frank Garcia. Next we have items from the earliest Florida humans who lived at the end of what is now Shell Point Road. Hernando de Soto later spent some time camped at that site.

Early Ruskin History Later Ruskin History

The early pioneers to Ruskin were farmers and fishermen. The founders of the Community of Ruskin came with the Ruskin College. Ruskin later became the "Salad Bowl of America" supplying much of the nation with winter vegetables. Today, Ruskin is being revitalized with a new County Services Center, Regional Library and now the SouthShore Campus of the Hillsborough Community College.

The future of Ruskin looks bright.



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